Do you recognize this? You do your normal stuff and at once you are not able to continue. You are not able to focus on you work, or the laundry or whatever you were doing. At such moment you are triggered. A situation gives you the feeling that you experienced a (long) time ago. You dissociate. You create distance between you and the situation you are in.

Your system protects you this way. It is in its core a healthy reaction. But it was a reaction that was needed long time ago. It was needed to survive.

Now it could could be the case dissociation is not the best way to handle the current situation. The reaction might not be wanted by you or others. And it might not be easy to be understood by others.

Where did this reaction start? What can you do about it? Are you able to solve it? The completion process helps!


The next day you will experience that you react differently on situations. Almost directly your behaviour changes. You feel more freedom in situations that were uncomfortable before.


What your system (and your body with it’s invisible parts around it) needs is connection. Connection with the parts that haves been spliced apart in order to survive situations that have been (life)threatening.

Happily are you able to remember, although they might be stored in a hidden corner of your system.

Teal Swan has developed a proces that helped me a lot. She teaches this process in her book “The Completions Process” ISBN: 9781401951443.

She also trains people to become practitioner. For this she selects people who are in her eyes suited to this kind of work.

Wietse Nieuwland has followed this training and is a Completion Process Certified Practitioner.


If you do this process for the first time it can be useful to be guided through. Also when it does not work alone, help can be useful. Wietse is willing to support you. In a safe and calm manner, he will guide you through the steps in the process. You can focus on the events and he wil keep an eye on the process.

If you did this process once or twice with help, you able to do the process on your own. And by repeating the process you can complete the puzzle of your past and heal the traumas that came with it.

The Completion Process, how does it work?

You are able to go back to you very first memories by using a trigger in the present. The current situation that triggered you causes a feeling somewhere in your body. You will investigate this feeling thoroughly. You are going complete into the physical experience. On this moment you (or your facilitator) ask yourself: what is the first time that I had this feeling. And than you wait, you are not searching but wait until the memory comes. And he will come….

If you found the memory that is connected the physical experience, you will explore it in the bird’s eye view, the third persons perspective. You hover above the situation and see into the situation that the child (it’s mostly a child’s experience but can be an adult experience as well). And if you are brave enough you will also step into the perspective of the child. You will see and feel the situation of the child. This is already healing.

If you experienced the whole situation, you are introducing help. Help of someone or something where that makes you comfortable. This can be a friend from the past or the present, but also a father or mother figure an animal or superhero, an angel an fairy or whatever helps you to feel comfortable.

You may ask the helper to do anything what you find pleasant or necessary to feel good. You will continue with helping until the child is completely happy in the situation.

If this is the case you will aks if there are any aspects of the child still in the situation that want to integrate with the child. Aspects can be hidden in for example the ceiling of the dentist, because you tried to escape the situation in the dentist’s chair. And if you are totally comfortable in the dentist’s chair after receiving all the help, these aspects in the the ceiling and in other places want to come back and are again available for the child.


Are the aspects back we can go to the safe haven, you and your child from the past. Therefore you will go through 2 gates. Between the gates there is a tunnel. These gates can only be opened by you and nobody else. After going through the 2nd gate you enter the safe haven.

This is a place that you can make yourself. Many people like a place in nature or the mountains, other people find the living room of their grandfather in this place.

In the safe haven is a place with water. It can be a lake, a swimming pool, a shower an waterfall or anything else. Also this is up to you how it looks like.

The water is magical, it washes off all the bad feelings that are attached to the memory. You will also drink a little from the water to clean you from the inside.

When you are ready with the water you will look for and find a quiet place where the child can sleep. The child will sleep as long as it likes.

When it awakes than you will ask if it wants to integrate in the adult self. If this is the case it will melt into the adult and will grow up until the current age of the adult. If not it will stay in the safe haven and will play as long as it likes.

Than the adult self can leave the safe haven again and closes the gates behind it, and wakes up in the here and the now.